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Google Workspace is a powerful set of tools that helps businesses and organizations of all sizes collaborate and communicate more effectively.


A professional email service with powerful spam protection, offline access, and more.

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Google Drive

You can store your files securely and open or edit them from any device using Google Drive.

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Google Calendar​

A shared calendar that makes it easy to schedule and track meetings, events, and appointments.

Google Meet

A high-quality video conferencing solution that helps you stay connected with your team, no matter where you are.

Google Docs

A suite of online word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools that allows you and your team to work together in real-time.​

Google Chat

A suite of online word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools that allows you and your team to work together in real-time.

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Google Admin​

A control panel that allows administrators to manage and configure the organization’s Google Workspace accounts, services and devices.

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Google Contacts​

Google Contacts is a free web-based service provided by Google that allows users to store and manage their contacts.

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Google Cloud Search ​

Allows organizations to search for information across their entire organization, including G Suite services such as Gmail, Google Drive etc.

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24/7 Local Support

With 24/7 expert support, organizations can save time and resources by quickly resolving any issues that may arise, and can focus on utilizing the full capabilities of the service to improve productivity and efficiency.

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Unlock the full potential of your team with Google Workspace.

Empower your business with the tools and features of Google Workspace.

Innovative Platform Built to Empower Teams

Google Meet that help businesses unleash full potential of their teams.

Live Captioning

Live captions are fully automated and allow anyone to follow along in real-time. All you need to do is click on the three dots located on the Google Meet screen to find the option.

Screen Sharing

You can share your whole screen, a singe chrome tab or a single application window with meeting participants. This lets you share and collaborate with ease.

Message during the meeting

You can instant message any meeting participants during the meeting. This makes it possible to share links, files and more with other participants.